in 3 years office meetings will be held in Metaverse|Bill gates

 Bill gate | Most office meetings will be held in Metaverse in 3 years To come 

Bill Gate who is also  found of Microsoft company believes that the internet is evolving and in few years To come web 3.0 will dominate especially through Metaverse 

On his show “Year in Review “ , Bill gate predicts that due to mostly virtual worlds been crested by most companies, Next 3 years most of the office meetings will begin done in 3D through Metaverse platforms 

Instead of physical meetings, Bill believes that through the use of virtual reality headsets and other devices people will interact in 3D with unusual audio recordings where people will be able even to feel the direction of someone speaking in a meeting in form of avatars 

Last Thursday, Facebook introduces its virtual world called Horizons world where people interact through avatars but also last month Microsoft announced the uocoming Metaverse project called MESH 

Gates added that we’re at the very begin of what is possible in a virtual working world, because the pandemic challenged how we define what is “essential” to a working space.

“The pandemic has revolutionized how companies think about productivity and presence in the workplace,” he noted.


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